Monday, August 21, 2017

Aug. 21, 2017 Partial Solar Eclipse

We had perfect weather for the solar eclipse, with an outdoor temp. of 82F, a partly cloudy sky, and no wind. Admittedly, we didn't prep enough for this event. Okay...we didn't do any prep! At the beginning of the eclipse Drew used a pair of binoculars to focus the light onto the front deck.
Shortly afterward, he remembered that his father had given him a small spotting scope many years ago. This worked much better as it had it's own tripod. We used a sheet of copy paper as a backdrop. NOTE: DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN. Even though the Sun is 93 million miles away, it's radiation packs a strong punch that can blind you.
Here you see an abbreviated progression of the occulation (where the moon moves between the Earth and the Sun, and blocks light from getting to Earth.) The photo on the bottom right shows the eclipse at maximum, at 2:45 pm.
In this next set of photos, we moved the camera equipment down to the walkway as we were getting too much interference from the trees near the deck. Had we done a dry run yesterday, we would have set up on the walkway from the beginning; we would have tracked the movement of the Sun to see if there was any obstruction of light, from trees, throughout the entire timing of the eclipse. (This is why I keep a diary...all of these notes will help us the next time we photograph an eclipse.)
While Drew was setting up on the walkway, I wandered out to the street to photograph the eclipse through the trees onto the road! Neato....
Now, the moon was beginning to move so as to allow more sunlight to reach Earth. We had more interference from trees as the sun began moving downward behind them. Oooohhh... do you see how the "bite" out of the Sun is getting smaller, and smaller, and then it is just the barest of a nibble?
And, at last...the sun is whole again;-) FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Lastly, I'd like to dedicate the eclipse presentation to my good friend, Olle, who recently passed away. His funeral was today, in Sweden, and the eclipse sort of reminds me of how I feel with just a bit less sunshine in my life without his presence. But, then again, his smile always gave me warmth, just like the sun coming out of the eclipse. I miss you, Olle...

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