Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bowdoin Central School - Rocks and Sand Library Day

 Today was a success over at Bowdoin Central School. Eight K-1 students participated in the library day presentation.

Shannon read the book while I passed around the treasures that were talked about on each page. The kids were really engaged and loved each of the items.

We went outside to smash the geodes and to write on the sidewalk with limestone. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos while we were outside. But, it went great!
Shannon also took the kids on a tour of each of the tables that housed most of the activities of the day. This table had rocks that could be touched and admired through magnifiers.
This table had the sand and funnels set up for the kids to work with.
They loved layering the sand into their necklaces. One boy said, "I love this. We did this at Disney World!"
Painting rocks was a popular activity. Neighbor Carla showed up to help and was assigned to monitor the fun at this table.
The kids were very proud of their rocks. By the way, all of these rocks hail from Nova Scotia! Rockhound Shannon did the collecting of them for the program. The kids took their "Memory Rocks" home.
And, last was the rock balancing. I spread all the rocks onto the carpet. We left 30 minutes open for free play, and the kids were totally engaged in seeing how high their stacks could get. They did a fabulous job! We all had so much fun;-)

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