Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Caesar Pond Prowl - Underwater

Yahoooo! Here is my second attempt at using the Apeman camera on Caesar Pond. I was quite successful at capturing video of a number of fish swimming around at the beaver lodge on the western shore. I also did a bit of drifting in the boat while holding the camera underwater, and then did a bit of paddling with the camera leaning on the edge of the boat above water. The geese in the beginning were a bonus as I was able to photograph them without spooking them. Great day! 

Of course, there was a ton of unusable video with just the belly of fish, the tail end of fish, and absolutely nothing in frame. I would stick the camera underwater and blindly move it around. In some places I could see fish but had no idea what was in frame.

On our next trial, I am going to see if using a cell phone can show me what the camera is seeing. Drew is in charge of the electronics! Actually, he is in charge of pulling together all my video clips into a nice iMovie presentation. He always does such a nice job and has a lot more patience than I do. We are a great team;-)

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