Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Herring Gulls at Popham Beach

There were lots of herring gulls at Popham Beach today. We saw adult gulls in breeding plumage with their brilliant white feathers and gorgeous eyes.
Who knew that you could see right through their nostrils to the other side!
And we saw lots of juvenile herring gulls with their dark brown plumage. They look so different from the adults.
This one was chasing after his parent, imploring her for food.
He was definitely saying, "Mom...why won't you feed me? Why?Why?Why?"
And, lastly, Junior showed us his mastery of flight.
This is the same bird as he flies close to the shore. Three shots in progression.
(Click on the panorama for a larger view.)
Junior cruises the shoreline in search of a bite to eat. 

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