Friday, August 4, 2017

We're making an Apeman Video!

We're making an Apeman Video! No, Drew is not dressing up as a gorilla! I used the Apeman 4K Action Camera (A80 model) for its first underwater trial run this afternoon. Drew put it onto a selfie stick and I held it underwater at the dock. We got a tiny bit of usable footage of smallmouth bass fry and bluegill. Fun, Fun, Fun! Next up...I think I'll try to find the underwater entrance hole to the beaver lodge;-) What does make this difficult is that I cannot see what I am shooting (especially if the water is rough or if it is dark down under:-)
Note to Shannon: "I now have an excuse to go to the beach!" Can you say "tide-pool footage?" 
Notes to self: 1. Hold the camera level.  2. Hold the camera steady   3. Don't get too close to the subject so the camera can focus   4. Go out on a calm day as the waves cause too much distraction with light shining every which way.   5. Hold the camera in one place for a few minutes before moving to a new location.   6. Pull the camera slowly out of the water and keep it steady for a final "out of the water" shot.   7. "Have patience, Grasshopper."

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