Saturday, October 28, 2017

Chard (from our front deck grow box)

Chard... what a wonderful green veggie to grow in Maine. 
I have it in our grow box all summer and autumn. It has such beautiful stems with colorful patterns.
Some of the stems remind me of ribbon candy from my childhood.
The backside of the "ribbon candy" stem looks like peppermint candy canes!
Other stems look like miniature trees with strong trunks and spreading branches.
I love this chard peppermint stick tree. It looks like I could just peel the bark off and eat it!
This chard looks so delectable with its swirls and curls off the branches. It would make a wonderful climbing tree for someone who was miniaturized!
And, oh the flavor... just like spinach. This bowl of chard made enough for my roasted beets and greens with leftovers being put into a bucket of veggie soup as well!

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