Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ernest P. Mower Bird

I name thee "Ernest P. Mower Bird."
Wow, what a day! I attended the craft fair at Mt. Ararat High School, with Neighbor Shannon, and came home with quite a haul. I love supporting local artists, and fell in love with some metal work last year but didn't purchase it. This year, I felt the tug of longing for one of the big birds. We went to check them out and I just couldn't resist.
Ernest P. Mower Bird covets the bird seed at the feeder!
This big, metal bird was created by John Liberty who, along with his wife Debbie, scours the earth for old metal tools, farm implements, etc. At Liberty Farm and Forge he crafts the artwork. "Ernest P. Mower Bird" is named for our dearly departed neighbor, Ernie. Why? Well, Neighbor Ernie loved sitting atop his mower all summer long. He had a beeeautiful yard...And, Neighbor Ernie would have loved to have crafted something like this. He too was artistic and ingenious.
Ernest P. Mower Bird checks out the stump next to the wood pile
Ernest P. Mower Bird's feet, legs and tail were crafted from scavenged parts of an old McCormick-Deering spring-tooth harrow which was used to till the land for farming. You can also see the big, old wrench used for his neck.
Ernest P. Mower Bird checks out yet another stump.
I think he might want to eat some moss and shrooms!
A well casing was used for his body and lawn mower blades were used for his beak. He is one handsome bird. He has spikes on the bottom of his feet that push into the ground so that he can stand on his own anywhere in the yard. Gosh, I love this bird!

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