Sunday, December 24, 2017

Caesar Pond

One hour of labor produced this path.
Between storms...We worked hard today in snow throwing, raking the roof, and shoveling. Then, after bemoaning the fact that I was too tired to play (and that it was too icy to play), I wandered across the street and proceeded to stomp out a path to the pond. This stomp fest took me one hour of hard labor. I would stomp on the ice-covered snow, break it into big chunks, pitch it aside, stomp down the snow below, move forward, repeat. That was one heck of a workout!
South shore of the pond
Then, I went back home and retrieved the camera so as to photograph the late afternoon sky to the south.
Then, the sky to the west.
And, finally the sky to the north.
Here is the house. We only have a few inches of snow on the ground at the moment, but it should start accumulating if the temperature stays below freezing for the foreseeable future.

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