Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pat Lammers' books

I seem to surround myself with friends who are authors! My sorta-neighbor and friend, Pat Lammers, has just self-published her second children's book, Parrot of the Sea, A Puffin. It has some poetry rhyming in it, and fabulous graphics by Ben Bishop (a graphic novel artist in Portland,) who also did the illustrations for her first book. It details the life of a puffin (and has a bit of info. about the devastation of the puffin population on Eastern Egg Rock, and Project Puffin, the attempt to bring the puffin population back to Eastern Egg Rock.)
The "Praying" Mantis, A Misnomer was Pat's first book. It details the life cycle of the praying mantis. It shows that the insect world is a violent predator-prey type of or be eaten! Fun book and fabulous art work!

You can purchase the books directly from Pat through her website.

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