Sunday, May 6, 2018

Mallards on Caesar Pond

Trio of male mallards at the north end of the pond.
I was bemoaning the fact that we just aren't seeing the variety of ducks on the pond, over the last few years, that we used to see. No buffleheads, no mergansers, few geese. Well at least we still have a few mallards quacking around!  (Click on any photo for more of a close-up view.)
As I got nearer to them, two of the three decided to take offense and take flight;-)
I always get such a kick out of their bright, red feet! And, I love their blue wing bands.
Quacking all the way... off into the wild, blue yonder!
That left the lone male to decide what he wanted to do...He seemed happily quacky.
But, then he couldn't see hanging out by himself, so up and away he went!
He was gorgeous. I got sort of a double exposure of his right wing!
I hope this grand fellow brings back a mate so we can have some cute ducklings on the pond this year.

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