Saturday, May 5, 2018

Spring Flowers make me smile

Main stump garden with daffodils and giant hyacinths
My spring flowers make me smile. To be honest, they make me swoon when looking upon their beauty. I cannot stop staring at them, and my yard has many clumps of gorgeousness! Here is the main stump garden as it looks this week.
Secondary stump garden with pink and blue giant hyacinths. The black locust stump decays very slowly.
And, here is the secondary stump garden as of this week.
I am in love with the giant hyacinths.
And here is a close-up of the blue hyacinth.
The giant pink hyacinths almost look like candy canes!
And the daffodils line the north side of our property as well as being located in the stump gardens.
Large yellow daffodil
I love the daffodils. They have such different personalities!
Double Daffodil
Double daffodils have double the personality!
Bloodroot flowers are found sprinkled throughout the gardens.
The tulips are just coming into flower. They will be opening soon.
And, this year we have pink larkspur. I have four small clumps that will hopefully increase in girth over the years. I love the foliage.
And, the larkspur flowers are so long and tubular!

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