Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Weather Warning Statement - Warm air - Cold Water

Special Weather Statement for Sagadahoc County, Maine

Issued by: Portland - ME, US, National Weather Service,

...Warm Temperatures and Dangerously Cold Water... The warm temperatures expected over the next several days combined with very cold waters will create a hidden danger to those venturing out on the water, particularly those on kayaks and canoes. Water temperatures are mostly in the 40s in the lakes, rivers, and streams across the area. Many lakes just had ice-out conditions during the last two weeks and melting snow continues to feed into some of our rivers and streams. Ocean water temperatures are currently in the mid 40s. Without cold water protective gear, these temperatures will incapacitate even a good swimmer in minutes. Of course, paddlers should always wear a life jacket, but they should also be aware that a life jacket will not protect you from cold water.  

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