Thursday, June 14, 2018

Rain Barrels and Tobias the Toad

Sooo... what were you doing early this morning, at 1:45am? Zzzzzzz...zzzzzz...snore...? Not me! I awoke to the pleasant sound of rain, jumped out of bed, put my wellies and raincoat on, and hightailed it outside! My reposition the rain barrels so they would capture runoff from the roof. From 15/100ths of an inch of rain, a 55 gallon rain barrel was filled to about 3/4ths from the top (or about 40 gallons.)
It took me awhile to get the second rain barrel into the correct position, so it only got filled to about 1/3. But, now I can water my garden flowers!
After positioning the rain barrels, Lady Flame decided that she had to potty. So, while I was wandering the yard looking for land mines, I came across a toad who was enjoying the rain as well.
I shone the flashlight on him and snapped a few pictures the best I could as I was soaking wet. But the rain was so lovely as we are in quite the drought situation here. Then, it was back to bed for a few more hours...

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