Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dancing Dahlias

Dahlias remind me of flamboyant flamenco dancers.
Twirling of skirts and bold movements.
And, gorgeous dresses and jackets. Precision to the max!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Just a few garden insects

I haven't done much in the way of macro-photography in a few years, and have decided that I'd like to make time to do it again as it gives me great joy to behold the tiny things in life. I only put the 100mm lens on the camera to snap a few photos (about 120 photos) in about 20 minutes time.
First up was a wasp that I cannot identify. At first, I though it was a Purplish-blue Cricket Hunter wasp. 
The only reason that I say this is due to the white splash of color on its face as well as the white splotches on its antennae and legs. But I read that these wasps are found in the southwest. So, no identity for this beauty! I am awful at insect and bird I.D. as I just don't have time to spend combing through books or the internet for answers...
Next up, is a Celithemis elisa skimmer dragonfly who was resting on a flower stem in the front stump garden. I think this is a female who will remain this color throughout her life. If it was a male, the tan markings would turn red with age.
And, supping the nectar of a variety of flowers in the garden next to the deck was a gorgeous, little Pearl Crescent butterfly.