Saturday, October 6, 2018

Drew and "Little Red"

Little Red waits as Drew cleans the bird bath.
Drew has a relationship with somebody other than me, and I'm okay with it!
Little Red patiently waits while the bird bath is filled.
This relationship started in springtime when Little Red started visiting the bird seed stump as a young pup.
Little Red says, "Good Morning, Good Buddy!"
He has continued to visit many times, daily, and seems most comfortable when Drew is nearby.
We are hoping that "Little Red" continues to visit all year long and that he remains comfortable with Drew into next year as well.


Unknown said...

Too cool, squirrel whisperer

MaineNatureGreyhounds said...

That he is! When I go out to the bird feeder, "Little Red' gives me an ear full to let me know that he does not appreciate me invading his territory! Laurie