About Us

ABOUT US: Drew and I are “from away” as they say in Maine, and moved from Colorado in February, 2000, in search of a cooler climate and a state with a lower human population. We desired to live near water and found a lovely little pond to suit our simple needs. You see…we are paddlers and hikers. We like to do things under our own power when at all possible. This allows us to be more intimate with the natural world.
So…we moved into a house across from Caesar Pond which happens to be surrounded by a wildlife management area. No one can build on the land that borders three sides of the pond, and it will stay wild forever. Because the shallow pond is only about 60 acres in area, it attracts fisherfolk in boats with (at most) electric motors during the summer months, and a smattering of snow mobilers during the winter months. All in all, it is a very tranquil setting.
Our home sits on an acre of land, half of which contains our house, yard, and gardens, the other half of which is forested. And, our property abuts a forest through which we can walk for miles without coming in contact with other inhabitants, if we so desire. This affords us many opportunities to peacefully study our natural surroundings.
We are also amateur photographers who rarely leave the house without camera in hand. There is always something photo-worthy in nature providing we keep our eyes and ears open. It is through this web site that we hope to share our love of nature via the photos we take on a nearly daily basis. We hope you enjoy our offerings.

Laurie and Drew Haines